Mortgage Loan Pre-Qualification

Looking for a home is an exciting but time consuming project, one that will take time to thoroughly research. After all you are making one of the largest financial investment of your life. As Real Estate professionals we have access to home buying tools and experience that the average homebuyer doesn’t have. Whether you are in the market for a new home or an existing home, we can help.

When you pre-qualify with Realty Icons, you’ll receive:

• Information about how to buy a house, the loan closing, maintaining your property, and a glossary of real estate terminology.

• Consultation with one of our professional in-person or over the telephone, whichever you choose. We will answer your questions and explain your options in a friendly atmosphere of full disclosure.

• A complete estimate including expected monthly payments and cash required to close.

• A letter of pre-qualification as proof that, when you find your dream home and are ready to negotiate on a property, you can obtain an affordable mortgage.

All the information you provide will be held in confidence. A Real Estate Professional will contact you within 24 hours.

For a secure application to mail or fax, click here for a printable version.

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